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About Us


Steve Hay, has been a Fine Furniture Maker for over 35 years primarily being self-taught.

The exception being a 2 year period in the late 1990's when he was fortunate enough the be schooled by Geoff Hannah maker of the Hannah Cabinet

Following the success of his TV series, 'Woodworking Masterclass', He continues to make a range of videos covering many aspects of Woodwork and Fine Furniture Making and DIY projects. Which are shared through the Woodworking Masterclass YouTube channel  and Vimeo. Some are also Available on DVD.

You can now see him, Live Stream Woodwork, 4 times a week from both his Fully equipped and In-house Workshops on YouTube


Steve is also available for bookings as a Guest Speaking or Corporate Trainer specializing in the fields of Management, Creative Thinking,
Personal Development and Keynote addresses.
All coming from unique and different perspective to what you may have in exposed to in the past.
Steve is an Exciting, Energetic, Entertaining and Thought Provoking Speaker as well as a Master Craftsman in his own right. 

One of his most popular presentations is:
"What I learnt about Customers, Convicts and Clients
when I went to Jail"

Where he shares his unique, humorous (and not so humorous) story 
while turning 
around a $500.00 a week concern into a
Massive 1.8 million business in under 18 months.
"The Business" was inside a Jail (but) Steve went home each night.
(Thought we would mention that!)

For more information on Steve's appearances and Speaking engagement details
Please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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